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Chiang Mai Design Awards (CDA)

CDA 2013 Winners

Chiang Mai 5 August 2013


Announcing the Chiang Mai Design Awards (CDA) 2013 winners!

The finalists of the CDA 2013 were chosen at the selection meeting at Sala Lanna Resort Chiang Mai on Monday 5th August 2013. Twenty-one have been selected out of thirty-five shortlisted nominations. For the list of finalists, please see the final section of this press release.
The four categories were Architecture & Interior (5 selected winners), Crafts & Furniture (8 selected winners), Printed & New Media (4 selected winners), and Packaging (4 selected winners). Requirements from the CDA Judges include fulfillment of two out of three criteria to be eligible for entry: (1) must be designed in Chiang Mai, (2) must be produced in Chiang Mai, and/or (3) must be sold, available, and located in Chiang Mai.
The selection process involved several rounds of discussion, analysis and voting. Judges were looking at entries which displayed ingenuity, market appeal, originality, and commercial acumen. They also looked for design thinking that enhanced user experience, brought value to Chiang Mai, and/or showcased the potential within the province. The awards were conceived to further promote good design, designers and Chiang Mai as whole. As Chairat Usavangkul, one of the judges, explains “this is a voluntary initiative that we organize because we want to highlight that Chiang Mai already has many good designs – at the same time we want inspire businesses and designers and showcase the importance of design.” Profiles and names of all judges for the CDA 2013 (and CDA 2012) can be found at here
The Annual Chiang Mai Design Awards (CDA) by Chiang Mai Creative City (CMCC) is an initiative that aims to promote innovation and creativity across a range of design categories. The initiative was launched during the Nimmanhaemin Art and Design Promenade (NAP) in December 2011. Winning designs of the CDA 2012 were exhibited in both Chiang Mai and Bangkok.
The CDA focuses on design, often with a contemporary touch, rather than pure art or craft. The purpose is to celebrate the talent in Chiang Mai and stimulate investment in design as a strategic tool. As Tul Lekutai, one of the judges explains “many companies and makers of products could increase their sales significantly if they invest more in product, packaging, or interior design”.
CDA 2013 is one of a number of initiatives by Chiang Mai Creative City (CMCC), part of the wider vision for local development, which is in line with Thailand’s ‘National Strategy on Creative Economy’. The secretariat of the Chiang Mai Creative City is the Chiang Mai University Science & Technology Park (CMU STeP), which is also the main supporter and coordinator of the award.
The CDA Judge Committee comprises of multidisciplinary experts from both public and private sectors who are involved in the creative sector, such as development, education, design, architecture, business, arts & crafts, manufacturing, F&B, and programming. Most of them are part of the local community in Chiang Mai, who believe that the province is in a strong position to be known as a creative and culturally rich city, as well as able to compete at international levels and serve international business whilst still maintaining the Chiang Mai spirit. The awards ceremony and exhibition is being planned and will be held in October this year.

List of CDA 2013 Finalists


Craft & Furniture, etc.

Printed & New Media


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