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Makampom Chiang Dao Art Space

Category: Performing Arts
Location: 19.366792, 98.967024
About Us

When they hear the word Makampom, many people in Thailand will think of the famous Makampom drama group that uses theatre, puppets, stage performances, traditional musicals and mime with the aim to help develop the community and encourage local people to exchange ideas and opinions and take part in community projects. They may also think of Makampom as a group that trains local people and youths in the community to produce communication tools themselves. Moreover, in reality, Makampom does indeed manage to do all these things at the same time.

Whether you call it a large family, a nursery, a university or just a place that brings together people who love drama, Makampom’s specialty is drama and the creative arts.

Makampom Chiang Dao Art Space is a place for creative community art. It is said that art is able to reflect beauty and truth, arouse inspiration and stimulate a feeling of humanity and justice. This art space is similar to a bridge that connects people from all social classes and ethnicities who are from both within the community itself and those who are visitors, and enables them to come together and experience art in the form of theatre, outside sculpture, painting exhibitions, photography and book fairs amongst other things along with creating the opportunity for those who are interested to come and have fun with creative arts themselves. In addition, there is also a gift shop and cafe. 

Previous successes in the local community have included the creation of the ‘Pang Daeng’ circus group after Makampom organized expert circus training for local Palaung children from Pang Daeng Nok village, and enabling the children to organize their own public show.

Chiang Dao Center, 477 Moo 7, T. Chiang Dao, A. Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai 50170

053-456016, 089-688397




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