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Category: Co-working Space
Location: 18.793084, 98.973063
About Us

The Brick Startup Space is a co working space for new entrepreneurs and a place to incubate creative ideas. The The Brick Startup Space is supported by the Thai Ministry of Science and Technology and operated by Technology Business Incubation Department of the Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University (STeP). The Brick Startup Space is located in the popular Nimmanahaeminda - Sirimangkalajarn area, just a short distance from the many cafes, restaurants, other coworking spaces, and Chiang Mai University. It offers, convenient for parking and well-equipped facilities for work and meetings. What makes The Brick Startup Space unique and different to normal co-working spaces is The Pre-Incubation Program that supports local startups. Through the Pre-incubation program, the can exchange ideas with experts in meetings and online and get support with the development of their business plans. Apart from Pre-Incubation Program, The Brick Startup Space provides startup’s experience sharing activities and talks by experts.


CONTACT           The Brick Startup Space 31 Sirimangklajarn Road, Soi 13, T. Suthep, A. Muang Chiang Mai 50200

Tel.                    081 2957956

Facebook ID        thebrickspace

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